Trouble in Paradise

by Lindsay Martell

Released 2011
Released 2011
Acoustic guitar, soulful voice and strong melodies drive these folk/rock songs of life and learning.
"Trouble In Paradise" is a collection of songs written by Lindsay Martell between 2008 - 2010. Released in 2011. The songs were recorded by Lindsay in his apartment in Warsaw Poland. Further tracking, mixing, mastering and co-producing by Ferid Lakhdar in his studio in Warsaw. Guitars and Vocals, Lindsay. Additional Guitar, Bass Ferid. Drum Programming Lindsay and Ferid. Keyboards, Steve O'Connor. Drums (Somebody Like You) Chris Aiken.The song "Home" was selected and used for a short musical documentary film, starring Lindsay and produced by Grape Film Studio's Warsaw as part of the studios commitment for a European telephone service provider's advertising campaign.