by Lindsay Martell

Released 2006
Released 2006
Singer/songwriter - Vocals, guitar. Melodic guitar based songs blending influences from folk to rock.
Lindsay grew up in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. He mixes those folky celtic roots with a healthy dose of country rock, adds a topping of west coast soul and delivers heartfelt songs of yearning and learning. These guitar based pop songs cross genres and were recorded in multiple studios with different co-producers. Three songs were recorded and co-produced by Bob Benson at Mix This Studios in Victoria, Canada, six by Chris Aiken at Sound Design Studios in Warsaw, Poland. The instrumentation and production varies with the songs and the studios, but Lindsay's voice remains honest and endearing and the unifying force throughout the album. All songs written by Lindsay Martell. Guitars and vocals, Lindsay. Bass, Brian Newcombe. Drums, Bill Hicks and Chris Aiken. Backing Vocals by Camille Miller. Sax by Brock Miller.